The Communist Cookbook

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Sharmishtha Roy Chowdhury


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Sharmishtha Roy Chowdhury

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Penguin Group Inc.

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As the Second World War draws to a close, George Clark finds himself beginning his regimental life with the British Army in the remote outpost of Bajapur. Battle-worn and broken-hearted, he is soon caught in a perilous tangle. Intelligence officer James Ruffington wants George to spy on local nationalist activists in order to please the paranoid and communist obsessed Captain Dennis Porter. For this, George must not only betray his close friend Deborah Sunderland but also use Anna Benson, his new love, to infiltrate the local Congress networks.
Set amidst the political unrest of 1940s’ India, The Communist Cookbook is an enthralling story of espionage and divided loyalties.

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