The Book of Stone

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Jonathan Papernick


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Jonathan Papernick

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Fig Tree Books

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The Book of Stone is a searing psychological thriller set in pre-9/​11 Brooklyn in which a family’s dark history and an estranged son’s attempt to find meaning and purpose converge.

Matthew Stone has inherited a troubling legacy: a gangster grandfather and a distant father—who is also a disgraced judge. After his father’s death, Matthew is a young man alone. He turns to his father’s beloved books for comfort, perceiving within them guidance that leads him to connect with a group of religious extremists. As Matthew immerses himself in this unfamiliar world, the FBI seeks his assistance to foil the group’s violent plot. Caught between these powerful forces, haunted by losses past and present, and desperate for redemption, Matthew charts a course of increasing peril—for himself and for everyone around him.

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