Only the Strong

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Jabari Asim


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Jabari Asim

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Agate Bolden

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Jabari Asim’s debut novel returns readers to Gateway City, the fictional Midwestern city first explored in his acclaimed short story collection, Taste of Honey. Against a 1970s backdrop of rapid social and political change, Only the Strong portrays the challenges and rewards of love in a quintessential American community where heartbreak and violence are seldom far away.

With prose that's sharp, humorous, and poetic, Asim skillfully renders a compelling portrait of urban life in the wake of the last major civil-rights bill. Massive change is afoot in America, and these characters have front-row seats. "[A] heartfelt, polyphonic ode to 1970s black America. . .Asim manages the highbrow without it ever feeling forced or pedantic—no small feat given the hard-boiled narrative framework, but one made possible by his infectious love for his subject matter and characters." —The Wall Street Journal

"The voices of the characters intertwine, building a narrative that bursts full of life. Here are rich, detailed characters, a vivid setting and a historical epoch made personal and intimate through details of experience. An intelligent, superbly executed and gripping masterpiece." —The Root

"Thoroughly entertaining and stylish. . .deserves favorable comparison to the works of Chester Himes and Walter Mosley." —Publishers Weekly, starred review

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