Qualitative Research Methods in Consumer Psychology: Ethnography and Culture

Author, Researcher, or Creator

Paul Hackett


Marketing Communication


Paul Hackett

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Routledge Publishers (Contracted book)

Publication Date

Summer 2015

Brief Description

While consumer research is founded on traditional quantitative approaches, the insight produced through qualitative research methods within consumer settings has not gone unnoticed. The culturally situated consumer, who is in intimate dialogue with their physical, virtual and social surroundings, has become integral to understanding the psychology behind consumer choices. This volume presents readers with theoretical and applied approaches to using qualitative research methods in ethnographic studies looking at consumer behavior. It brings together an international group of leading scholars in the field of consumer research, with educational and professional backgrounds in marketing, advertising, business, education, therapy and health. Researchers, teaching faculty, and students in the field of consumer and social psychology will benefit from the applied examples of qualitative and ethnographic consumer research this volume presents.

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