What’s Your Creative Type? Harnessing the Power of Your Artistic Personality

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Meta Wagner, Emerson CollegeFollow


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Meta Wagner

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Seal Press

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Reviews “What's Your Creative Type? by Meta Wagner (Seal, [April] 2017) looks at how personality affects creative style, helping readers use that knowledge to be more innovative in any pursuit.” --Publisher's Weekly, October 14, 2016

"Meta Wagner leads us all on a fun, inspiring, and practical trip through our own psyches with What's Your Creative Type?--convincing us as we go that the real secret to increasing your creative expression is not obsessing over the process or our tools, but understanding first our motivation to create."--Scott Barry Kaufman, author of Wired to Create

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What’s Your Creative Type? helps artists understand their motivations for pursuing art. Stepping away from the hyper focus on how people create, this book instead focuses on the why. What’s Your Creative Type? draws from creativity theory and personality typology and is peppered with pop-culture studies of various artists.

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