The Nut File

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John Skoyles, Emerson CollegeFollow


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John Skoyles

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Quale Press

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Reviews “Poet and Emerson professor John Skoyles's new book, The Nut File (Quale), is a curious miscellany. It's made up of bits of fiction, nonfiction, and the found: small stories, observations, obituaries, academic e-mails, memos, police logs, and personal kernels of wisdom, longing, and regret. Skoyles, who can be both open and wry, writes of a murderer sitting inthe bus seat behind him, of bonking his head entering an exit, of academic fires and feuds. There are good questions: "Could there be a memory behind the choice of every mistaken word?" And pithy lines that vibrate with humor and truth: "Life is, after all, just one person after another." Taken together, the assemblage takes on the messy heft of life.” – New England Literary News

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The Nut File is a hybrid genre book that contains original as well as appropriated material – Obituaries, weird memos, hard news, and micro-fictions, all coming together to capture the story of a world trying to make sense of itself.

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