The Arc of Life: Evolution and Health Across the Life Course

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Diana Sherry


Marlboro Institute for Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies


Diana Sherry, Grazyna Jasienska, and Donna J. Holmes (editors)

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Reviews from Amazon.com The volume consists of 11 chapters that track human life history from parental experiences through juvenile development, maturation, and midlife to postreproductive age. … This book will be used in graduate seminars in human biology and biological anthropology. … this is a stimulating progress report on the current state of one of several useful perspectives on evolutionary medicine.”--Stephen C. Stearns, The Quarterly Review of Biology, Vol. 92 (3), September, 2017 “The book is a good introduction to a diverse set of active research threads in biological anthropology on evolution, health and disease. I expect it will be of interest to a graduate students and researchers in the fields of evolutionary medicine as well as health professionals with an interest in health and disease as an interaction between our evolutionary past and our present environments.”--Daniel Hruschka, EvMed Review, evmedreview.com, January, 2017

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The rapid development of evolutionary medicine and public health allows for The Arc of Life to connect research by biological anthropologists to the understanding of variation in human health outcomes. This book showcases the perspective that biological anthropologists bring to the growing field of evolutionary medicine, but underscore the context of human life history -- especially the concept of evolutionary trade-offs and the ensuing biological processes that can affect health status over the life course. The dual emphasis presented in this book on both the life history theory and life cycle biology create a valuable, unique, and complimentary addition to books on the subject of evolution and health. This book consolidates diverse lines of research within the field of biological anthropology, stimulates new directions for future research, and facilitates communication between sub-disciplines of human biology operating at the forefront of evolutionary medicine.

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