Light Breeze in Paradise/ Ελαφρύ αεράκι στον Παράδεισο

Author, Researcher, or Creator

Vassilki Rapti


Visual and Media Arts


Vassilki Rapti (bilingual translator), Carmen-Francesa Banciu (Author)

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Publication, Publisher or Distributor

Palm Art Press

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Brief Description

This book is a bilingual translation that has challenged the limits of the meaning of collaboration, as it happens in many layers. Light Breeze in Paradise is the product of collaboration in the frame of he Advanced Training in Greek Poetry Translation & Performance Workshop, founded and directed by Dr. Vassiliki Rapti at Harvard University. This narrator of turns her back on Berlin and the hectic throb of the big city for a summer, so that she may recharge and reconnect with herself in the seclusion of a Greek mountain village. Coinciding with the human interactions, dramas play out in the microcosm of insects, beetles, and small animals – akin to Greek mythology. This book provides a detailed narration of the small world and how it is reflected in the larger one.

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