The English Renaissance and the Far East: Cross-Cultural Encounters

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Adele Lee


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Adele Lee

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Farleigh Dickinson University Press

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Review from Amazon.com “As impressively insightful and informative as it is deftly written and exceptionally well organized, "The English Renaissance and the Far East: Cross-Cultural Encounters" is an extraordinary work of original and seminal scholarship.”-- Midwest Book Review

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In The English Renaissance and the Far East, Lee offers an innovative approach to a history and ties it in to modern day importance. She challenges the anglocentric models of the relationship between the east and west and by bringing forth a reconceptualization of the English Renaissance and how it is not very different from the developments present in the rising Sinocentric world. Inspired by the current tilt in global power, with China at the forefront, Lee explores the cultural interactions between Britain and the Far East in both the early modern and postmodern periods. She discovers how key encounters and representations of the Far East are portrayed in early modern writing, and expresses how work of that period, particularly Shakespeare, provides a special power in current times to facilitate encounters between Britain and East Asia.

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