Noon Until Night

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Richard Hoffman


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Richard Hoffman

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Barrow Street Press

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Reviews from Amazon.com “In Richard Hoffman's long, complex title poem, which anchors his concerns throughout the book, he says with characteristic lucid candor, "...now when longevity itself begins to seem at once/the only wealth worth having and the booby prize." It should be noted that Noon until Night is not a book about noon until evening. Yet the darkness that night suggests has its rays of hope in it, as Hoffman artfully meditates on how we live and, without sentimentality, manage to go on.” --Stephen Dunn “If Anton Chekhov returned as a modern-day poet, Richard Hoffman would be his name. His poems reverberate with the same lucid witness and precision. Bridging histories local and cultural, they draw on literary traditions while simultaneously heralding experiment and invention.” --Terrance Hayes “Richard Hoffman is a fiercely gifted poet whose stanzas revel in the infinite possibilities of language, and jolt, surprise, and satisfy at every turn. This is work to be savored and embraced.” --Patricia Smith

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Hoffman’s newest book of poems, Noon until Night, spans over more than half a century of experiences. This work highlights childhood from Hoffman’s childhood to his grandson’s, parenting, marriage, and the essence of life in present in even the smallest, most telling moments.

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