A House Among the Trees

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Julia Glass, Emerson CollegeFollow


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Julia Glass

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Reviews from Amazon.com “Gripping and evocative . . . Glass is a formidable storyteller.” —The Washington Book Review “Spell-binding . . . Elegant and character-driven . . . Glass accomplishes her task with a fresh vision and little fuss, depicting the complexity not just of creativity, but also how ‘sensitivity . . . is not the same as compassion.’” —Kathleen Rooney, Chicago Tribune “A lovely meditation on the mysteries of creativity and its costs, not just to creators, but to those who surround them . . . Avoiding clichés about tortured, exploitative genius, Glass crafts a thoughtful, warm-hearted tale about the choices each of us makes, with consequences inevitably both good and bad . . . It’s a pleasure to be in the hands of a consummate storyteller.” —Wendy Smith, The Boston Globe “Enthralling . . . Glass is a master at withholding information until just the right moment.” —Robert Allen Papinchak, The National Book Review “A fascinating look at a world in which a creative artist becomes a hot property to be both honored and exploited . . . A compelling story with fully realized characters.” —Michael Cart, Booklist (starred review) “Radiant . . . Warmhearted . . . Grippingly readable . . . [Glass’s] conclusion finds room for compromise and mutual fulfillment among her full-bodied, compassionately rendered characters.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

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Glass’s fifth novel, A House Among the Trees, tells the story of an unusual bond shared between a world-famous writer and his assistant. The sudden death of the world-famous writer leaves the survivors to grapple with his legacy and long kept secrets. In this novel there are deeply rooted themes of friendship, artistic ambition, perils of celebrity, love, and the power of an unexpected legacy.

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