Writing a Better Ending: How Feminist Utopian Literature Subverts Patriarchy

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Kirsten Imani KasaiFollow

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Kirsten Imani Kasai

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The American Journal of Economics and Sociology

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This article explores the historic role of dystopian and feminist utopian fiction in upholding or supplanting capitalist, patriarchal dominance hierarchies. Here, I will examine the following: the persistence and popularity of dystopias; the political and cultural trends that have influenced them; the reasons why feminist writers have typically excluded men from their utopian visions; the sexual objectification of women in dystopias; and the utopian/dystopian parallax. I will discuss the need for feminist writers to envision inclusive alternate futures that propose realistic, cooperative societies that counter prevailing dystopian models. This can be achieved by dismantling and reconstructing our present reality through the act of changing the stories that we tell ourselves.


utopia, dystopia, feminist, feminism, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Hollywood, Afrofuturism, patriarchy

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