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Online fiction platforms like Wattpad, Tapas, Choices, and Episode have created new models of digital storytelling that serve billions of readers a month who access the content through apps and websites. Through a free-to-read (F2R) model these platforms offer access to thousands of online prose narratives. Instead of requiring money upfront for access, they have found a way to monetize narrative through ad-supported serialization and paywalls. Some companies have also begun to offer reader customization through microtransactions similar to those in the mobile game world. This paper examines how these platforms are using the F2R model to create a compelling reading experience that personalizes the text and keeps readers engaged with textual content.


online fiction, microtransactions, narrative, fanfiction, digital storytelling

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Rodzvilla, J. (2023). What Outfit Shall the Protagonist Wear?: New models of revenue creation in online fiction platforms. Logos, 34(2), 26-39.

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