The New Business of Acting - How to Build a Career in a Changing Landscape: The Next Edition

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Brad Lemack, Emerson CollegeFollow

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Publisher: Ingenuity Press USA; Distributor: SCB Distributors

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The best actor never gets the role. But the right actor always gets hired … and if you want to be the right actor, you need to create a well-paved pathway through the traffic jam that can slow you down, divert your attention and create stress behind the wheel of the career you’re committed to driving forward. It’s your journey and it’s time for a career tune up, even if you’re just starting out. In his revised and expanded Next Edition to his popular book for actors, talent manager, educator and author Brad Lemack tackles the tough challenges actors face in seeking and maintaining rewarding careers in the new landscape. From the role of personal ethics and integrity to landing the role of a lifetime, Lemack teaches readers how to navigate through and thrive in a continually changing landscape in an industry challenged to redefine itself and how it does business. Learn how to be the new “Hollywood Hyphenate.” Learn how to play the role of “Secret Agent Actor” in an industry flush with non-disclosure agreements. Learn how to conquer the conundrum of the live-but-not-in-the-room audition. Learn how to ace self-tape auditions. Learn how to plan and prepare for earning a living in SAG-AFTRA’s Ultra Low Budget world. Learn how to create an Action Plan with intention and tasks that will yield big picture results in the pursuit of career. Whether you’re new to the business or in need of a professional career rebranding, The New Business of Acting: The Next Edition will empower you with a critical perspective on how to create, map out and embark on a life-long journey that will earn you the career-building opportunities you seek.


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