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Submissions from 2021

Asma Jahangir: The face of Pakistan's 'silent revolution' (in anthology Voices of Freedom from Asia and the Middle East), Beena Sarwar, Book Chapter

Challenging Compliance: Activating Citizens for Change, Bethany Nelson, Book Chapter

millennium pop: music, love and squalor 1986-2001, Tim Riley, Book

Naga, Scott Wheeler, Other

Pictures, Filters, and Politics: Instagram’s Role in Political Image-Making and Storytelling in Canada, Vincent Raynauld, Article

Scribner's Bookstore: All the Good Horses, David Emblidge, Article

Urban Playmaking: Constructivist Teaching with a Radical Agenda, Bethany Nelson, Book

When Television Came of Age - A Scholarly Compilation of Great Interviews and Milestones, Diane Mermigas, Book

Submissions from 2020

A randomized controlled trial comparing physical and mental lingual exercise for healthy older adults, Lindsay Griffin, Article

Assets for Artists Grant, Maria Servellon, Other

Balcones Fiction Prize, Novuyo Tshuma, Other

Becoming a great reader: One deaf student’s journey, Maryam Salehomoum, Article

Beena Sarwar Author Archives in The Wire, Beena Sarwar, Article

Birthright, George Abraham, Book

Cochlear implant nonuse: Insight from deaf adults, Maryam Salehomoum, Article

Conclusion: Déjà Vu All Over Again?, Vincent Raynauld, Book Chapter

“Connecting with Fanon: Postcolonial Problematics, Irish Connections, and the Shack Dwellers Rising in South Africa”, Nigel C. Gibson, Book Chapter

COVID-19 and the Opportunity of Un-Schooling Harmful Myths, Mneesha Gellman, Article

Covid-Closures: When School Cancellation Means Return to a War Zone/Cierres por Covid Cuando la cancelación de la escuela significa el regreso a una zona de guerra, Mneesha Gellman, Article

Creative Entrepreneur Fellowship, Maria Servellon, Other

Deported to death: US sent 138 Salvadorans home to be killed, Mneesha Gellman, Article

Divide Et Impera: Wedge Politics in the 2019 Canadian Federal Election, Vincent Raynauld, Book Chapter


Extinction Rebellion Radio, Matthew Kearney, Other

Finalist for the National Book Award (How to Make a Slave and Other Essays), Jerald Walker, Other

Fulbright U.S. García Robles Scholar, Mneesha Gellman, Other

Golden Rules, Novuyo Tshuma, Book Chapter

“Higher Education Access and Parity: The Emerson Prison Initiative's Bachelor of Arts Program.” In Dani McMay, V. & Rebekah Kimble, D. (Eds.), Higher Education Accessibility Behind and Beyond Prison Walls (47-66)., Mneesha Gellman, Article

How Political Leaders in North America have used COVID-19 to improve their Polls, Vincent Raynauld, Article

“I’m just not that great at science”: Science self‐efficacy in arts and communication students., Lindsey Beck, Article

Inclusion of signing deaf and hard of hearing students: Factors that facilitate v. Challenge access and participation, Maryam Salehomoum, Article

Infection du populisme aux États-Unis, Vincent Raynauld, Article

Infinite Latin squares: neighbor-balance and orthogonality, M. A. Ollis, Article

Introduction : Les groupes minoritaires et/ou marginalisés à l’ère numérique : Pratiques de mobilisation, changements sociopolitiques et transformations identitaires, Vincent Raynauld, Article

Introduction: The 2019 Canadian Federal Election, Vincent Raynauld, Book Chapter

Is low power associated with submission during marital conflict? Moderating roles of gender and traditional gender role beliefs, Lindsey Beck, Article

Jazz trumpeter Jason Palmer’s disparate inspirations: stolen paintings and stolen lives, Bill Beuttler, Article

Kwantuthu Writers' Workshop, Novuyo Tshuma, Other

La COVID-19 a permis à des dirigeants nord-américains d’améliorer leur image, Vincent Raynauld, Article

“Landmark femicide case fails to fix El Salvador’s patriarchy”, Mneesha Gellman, Article

Launching While Female: Smashing the System That Holds Women Entrepreneurs Back, Susanne Althoff, Book

Les groupes minoritaires et/ou marginalisés à l’ère numérique : Pratiques de mobilisation, changement sociopolitiques et transformations identitaires, Vincent Raynauld, Article

"Looking for Relief", Caitlin McGill, Article

“Mother Tongue Won’t Help You Eat:” Language Politics in Sierra Leone.”, Mneesha Gellman, Article

Nonprofit Board Membership and the Gender Gap, Cathryn Edelstein, Article

Official selection, Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival, Redux category, Claire Andrade-Watkins, Other

Online Mobilization: Tweeting Truth to Power in An Era of Revised Patterns of Mobilization 2.0 in Canada, Vincent Raynauld, Book Chapter

Opinion | In Pakistan, a bizarre arrest shows how media freedom is being squeezed, Beena Sarwar, Article

Oscar Buzz and the Influence of Word of Mouth on Movie Success, Owen Eagan, Book

Overview of Digital Political Communication and Marketing, Vincent Raynauld, Book Chapter